[SOLVED] Invalid metabase.jar (when using java 7)

My environment is Windows 10 with Java version 1.7
Downloaded metabase.jar and executed in command line. Got following error
Error: Invalid or corrupt jarfile metabase.jar
Help me to solve this problem.

It probably corrupted during download.
Download again to see if it helps. Might also be good to upgrade to a latest version of Java at the same time.

Metabase doesn’t run on 1.7, upgrade your java and try again

Most likely related to:

Thanks for the help. It works with Java 8.

How can I download previous/archived version.

The version number is in the download url. Current version is http://downloads.metabase.com/v0.31.2/metabase.jar just change v0.31.2 to the relevant version.

It is worth noting, though, that metabase H2 file doesn’t seem prepared to downgrade. I tried so (ie, took a 0.29 instance h2 file, downloaded the 0.31 jar, run it, let it do all the version migration work, and, then, tried to make it run with 0.29 again), and all my data has kinda disappeared, questions were not being shown, all kinds of oddities. I hope you have a backup h2 file if that is how your application is running, @kathir.

That’s by design. You wouldn’t expect the .29 version to know how to downgrade features that hadn’t been implemented when it was released!

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Yeah, surely. Downgrade is not an expectable operation in any sense, I just wanted to point it out just in case.