[SOLVED] MariaDB Columnstore connection error

Hi All,

I just upgraded mariadb columnstore from 1.1.6 to 1.2.2, but after upgrade sometime metabase cannot connect to mariadb

environment ::
OS = Ubuntu 16.04
Metabase DB = Postgre
Metabase version = 0.31.1
Database (setup in metabase) = mariadb columnstore 1.2.2
All above environment in a single host with ip

Error message ::
java.sql.SQLException: Internal error: fatal error running mysql_real_connect() in libmysql_client lib (2002) (Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (115))

i have setup mariadb connection to ip address, but dont know why the message showing

I had no issues connect with mariadb client tool under window using navicat

Hi @bambang
Since Metabase and the MariaDB is hosted on the same host (guessing you’re not using containers), then the connection to MariaDB should be, since Metabase is connecting locally.
Check your MariaDB logs to see if it more information about the connection.
Or am I misunderstanding something?

Hi Flamber,

Thank you for your feedback, after doing some investigation, the issues caused by mariadb columnstore pm, we have 2 pm and the second one have some issues if we submit a complex query.
and for ip number, this ip came from pm number 2 error log and displayed on metabase error