[SOLVED] No Option to Stack Bar Chart Under Display

This thread seems to indicate that there should be a stacking option under Display when using a bar chart: Stacked bar charts

I do not have this option.

I have a third field “platform” that should allow for stacking of the bar chart. How can I make a stacked bar chart? My backend DB is Snowflake.

Hi @danielsmay1
Which version of Metabase?
You have to add the “platform” column under the Data-tab, you would add it to the X-axis along with the “date” column, and then the “num_tasks” should be your Y-axis.

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I’m on version v0.31.2.

@danielsmay1 I guess it worked, since you clicked the like-button? The latest release is 0.32.10 and 0.33 is coming soon.

Yes, it worked. I couldn’t post any more messages because my account got flagged.

BUT I can now. Thank you!

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