SOLVED: SQL Filters for View only users?

Hi all, I run v0.41.6.
I changed our permissions drastically yesterday and get info that users that have only view permissions on our "Our analytics" Collection can't set the SQL filters for those dashboards and cards anymore, they get the error "you don't have permissions to run this query".
Is that expected behaviour? I kind of assumed SQL access is only needed to create SQL and edit it, not to use the filters?
Thank you, Eva

Ah nevermind, figured it out myself (but maybe relevant for others as this might be common):

What happened was: a user with read-only permissions clicked on a card in a dashboard to see only the card. They then got the message "You don't have permissions to run this query". What happened? Because we changed the visualisations to this card on dashboard level the user didn't actually open the card itself but a New Question Started From Cardname.
With open SQL window.
So just clicking on the card name itself helped already.

Hi @EvaS
You're seeing this issue, which is fixed in 0.42:

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