Some columns doesn't appear in Data Model just in native Query

Hello everyone.

I use Metabase connected to a MYSQL database and have a problem with some tables.
If I execute a “select * from table X” on the native query, the metabase will return all columns. But if I go to Admin> Data Model> And look for the same table, the metabase won’t return some columns.

I already “re-scan” the table and discard the cached field values, but the trouble persist.
browser-info: {
language: en-GB,
platform: Win32,
userAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/79.0.3945.130 Safari/537.36,
vendor: Google Inc.
system-info: { OpenJDK Runtime Environment,
java.runtime.version: 11.0.3+7,
java.vendor: AdoptOpenJDK,
java.version: 11.0.3, OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM,
java.vm.version: 11.0.3+7, Linux,
os.version: 3.10.0-1062.7.1.el7.x86_64,
user.language: en,
user.timezone: GMT
metabase-info: {
databases: [
hosting-env: unknown,
application-database: postgres,
run-mode: prod,
version: {
date: 2019-12-19,
tag: v0.34.0,
branch: release-0.34.x,
hash: 1335215
settings: {
report-timezone: null
Does anyone have the same problem?

Hi @yuriandreoli
Are you saying that you’re missing some columns (random, different column types) - or - are you missing all columns in some tables?
When you do a sync+scan (Admin > Databases), then check the log (Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs) for errors during the process.

Thanks for your reply @flamber.
Its just some columns in some tables (in native SQL they appear, but in Data Model, no).

I saw the log but didn’t found any error.

@yuriandreoli Okay, I would recommend upgrading to 0.34.2, since it fixes some other issues - not related to this.
Which version of MySQL are you using?
Do you see a pattern of which columns that are missing?
Are the missing columns a specific type? Or perhaps contains spaces in the name or another special character?

I’m running 0.34.2, i updated after posted the topic :smiley:
I did a sheet to compare and didn’t found any pattern (columns in red just appear in SQL):


@yuriandreoli Did you perhaps set Visibility to “Do Not Include” for those columns at some point? There’s an issue where hiding a column, completely hides it even in the Data Model and the only way of getting it back is to modify the metadata manually.
Otherwise I’m not sure what’s going on. Which version of MySQL?

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Thats it, I set “do not include” and generate this bug.
Fixed following the recomendation: I modified the id in URL and then go back to Data Model and set the column like “everywhere” :heart_eyes:

Thanks so much!