Some issues on New Metabase version v0.32.9 (Latest)

Hi all! i am having some issues on new metabase…
1)Still “loading” …and nothing happen

2) a lot of query are not working now …

Should I do something?
Thanks all

How has it been deployed? How much RAM is available. chances are that you just need to make the server a little bigger.

Hi @mirco_cervi

  1. You’re seeing this issue - there’s a work-around in the comments at the end:
  2. Do you see any errors in the Metabase log or the browser console?
    What database are you connecting to?

@flamber got it … I pin some query but …still don’t work I will search some other workaround.
Db is MySQL
@AndrewMBaines RAM is enough just upgraded the server. Deployment … simply saved the metabase.jar file in root server (Apache Linux) and restarted the metabase service

I downgrade to v0.31.2 …i could not accept those problems :frowning:

Okay, without getting errors from Metabase log and browser console, the problem might never be fixed.

Hello, I have same problem like yours with v0.32.9. When you downgrade to v0.31.2, does it work fine? If no, could you share me how to downgrade Metabase?

Hi @Saitama

If you don’t report what problems you’re seeing in 0.32.9, then the problem will never be fixed.

Metabase does not support downgrading. You might be able to downgrade, simply by using an older version of Metabase, but you might end up with corrupted metadata.
So, I would just shutdown 0.32.x, make a backup of the metadata and then start 0.31.2

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Thank you for advice )

Hi @Saitama, as @flamber wrote I did replace the metabase.jar file with the old metabase.jar (that I previously saved as metabase.old).
After having restarted the service everything came back as it was.
@flamber, you are right, I will better report the problems and log this Summer (now I can’t because too many users are using the application …and they kill me if not works :slight_smile:

This is how it looks my “file manager” In Server

Hello people!

I’m having the same issue, and other!
Dashboards say the saving has failed, but it had.
And some questions are not saving at all, after some tries and taking off the filters i’ve seen the problem were turned around.

Do you know what it can be?

Thanks guys!

Please provide logs, so we can figure out what’s going on. Metabase logs, browser console logs.
And even better if you can reproduce the problem with Sample Dataset and give exact step-by-step guide, so we can try generating the problem.

Fixed with 0.32.10!!


@PauloHFM Okay, then it sounds like it was probably #10191 or #10212