Some tips - how to improve Metabase


I am new user on the MetaBase :slight_smile:
Currently I am working at Tableau, PowerBI, Grafana etc.

Your system is great, but it lacks a few options.

  1. Please add a possibillity colors background on every the tile.


  1. Please add a color palette, 5 colors is to small!


  1. Please add the option to use temporary tables in querys SQL.
  2. Please add a conditional formating in some charts: bar, combo, row, donut etc. this only working at table.
  3. Axis Y shows wrong data type, not in Percent


  1. If I have some tile where I have only number 15, 3x3 grid is too big, please add option to make smaller grid 1x2 or 2x2 minimum


Please take note of my corrections, thank you!

Hi @deejayluk
If you did a bit of searching first, then you would likely have found many references.

But post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting, so we can see which versions you're using.

Upvote an issue by clicking :+1: on the first post.

  3. Don't understand what you mean, but Metabase does not support multiple statements:
  5. Are you sure you didn't set the style to Percentage or something like that in Settings sidebar?
  6. ?
  7. and
  1. I have a set Percent, but Axis in chart show in xx.xx

The rest of the points have 2 years and are very important.
Is there a chance that some of them will be performed in the next version.

@deejayluk Okay, that's the X-axis and is this issue: