Some users cannot access Default Collection

We're using Metabase v0.41.0, with Google Authentication
I'm seeing a condition where some users cannot access the Default Collection

  • I've confirmed that the users in question are in the Default Group
  • I've created a couple of test users, who then log in via Google Auth and have access to that same collection
  • It's not practical to pre-assign users to groups. we have > 50 who deserve access

Hi @dhk
Upgrade to latest release:
That functionality is currently not available - and likely will only be available in Pro/Enterprise: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Plot twist - at least one of the users who could not access the Default Collection at 3:20pm Pacific Time, Friday, can now access that collection this morning, at 7:10am Pacific Time

As far as I know, nothing was done to update Permissions anywhere.

This is all on-prem.