Sort Breakdown series

Hello there!

I wonder if it is possible to sort somehow the breakdown series in a chart. They are sorted alphabetically right now. But I would love to sort them by a value, so the series with largest sum is the first etc…

The reason is that I have a table on top of the dashboard with some metrics which is sorted by the value. And then the charts do not correspond with the order.

I could sort the table alphabetically as well. But I need to only show top5 rows, so sorting it by the value is very helpful as I am limiting the query to 5 rows…

Any ideas?:slight_smile:

Hi Erik. The way to do this, provided your question has been created using the GUI query builder rather than the SQL editor, is to change your visualization over to Table, then click on the column heading of the column you want to sort by (clicking it multiple times changes it from ascending to descending and back again). Then change the visualization back to whichever chart type you want.

The way that you’re supposed to be able to do this is from the triple dot (…) icon on the far right of the GUI query builder. There are sort options in there, which should let you change the sort without switching to Table and back again, but there’s currently a bug that prevents this from working in some cases.

Hope this helps, and thanks for using Metabase!

The triple dot has never been really working for sorting to me. But my questions are usually in SQL anyways… Thanks a lot, though, it was helpful to know that there is bug. i will test it some time later.