Sort columns by clicking on them while using date filter

Hello, I am using date range for querying the results. I have added a default date range as a required date.

I want to sort the reults by clicking on any column. If I go to explore results section, it shows the default date range's results. I want to use the explore results section with date range filter or I want to sort the results by cliking on column.

How can I achieve this?

the problem is that query is written in SQL, so Metabase doesn't know what to do when you click on a column.

I would suggest you transform that query to a GUI query in order your users can sort by clicking on columns, or directly add the sorting on the SQL

I already added sorting on one column. The problem is, when I convert that question to GUI, I get to see the results from a default date range only. Can we request a feature in metabase to add date range filter in GUI also?