SQL Count and compare 2 created_at columns

I have got a table as follows,

ID CreatedAt_1 CreatedAt_2
ABC 2022-06-10 20:28:37
CFR 2022-06-13 10:00:12 2022-06-10 20:28:14
PFR 2022-06-17 12:20:40
XYZ 2022-06-10 16:45:05
DFL 2022-06-13 15:00:06
FGT 2022-06-20 10:00:20 2022-06-10 13:34:55

I already used this query to count number of rows on specific date for each column

(CAST(datetrunc(‘day’, ‘createdAt_1’ + (INTERVAL '1 day'))) AS timestamp) + (INTERVAL '-1 day')) AS ‘new user’,
count(*) AS ‘count’
FROM Table
WHERE {{time_interval}}
GROUP BY ‘new user’

And get something like :

Day Count
2022-06-10 1
2022-06-13 2
2022-06-15 1

I would like to be able to compare both columns and get percentage on specific day count(createdAt_1) / count(createdAt_2) * 100 but i don’t see how to easily do it considering I’m using the count and the group by to have specific information on each day.
If anyone has any idea how two compare those two metrics.

Hi @ChristopheMrn
I'm unsure which database type you are querying and what exactly you expect the end result to be.
Looks like you need to use a CTE or make two questions which you then join.
Perhaps you can find a better answer on stackoverflow.com, since it's not specific to Metabase if you just remove the variable.