SQL data view as date first, but then text when used in question


I have a docker self-hosted Metabase set up.

I'm trying to do a new graph. Because it is very complicated to do it by GUI, I did an SQL question that I tried to exploit on a question after.
My SQL request got 3 columns :

  • Value
  • Year/Month
  • Name

When I run my SQL export, I can see that my column DATE is well recognized, I can change the date format.

But then after, when I used it as a source for my query builder, my column date is seen as a TEXT value...

Any idea why?


Metabase doesn't know what comes from the DB when you do SQL queries, the only option you have here is to first create a model and then tag the field as a date time

Yep, it worked ! Thanks :slight_smile: