SQL Editor missing?

I have a question (stored in my personal collection), and I see the "Open editor" there as expected.

I have another question (also stored in my personal collection), but I noticed the "Open editor" is missing recently. It used to be there before, but now I can't see or know where to find it. I need to edit my SQL code. Can anyone advise what am I doing wrong and how can I restore this? I have a few other questions like this too.

Help is appreciated. Thanks!


I believe I'm on version v1.48.7

please contact support, you're on a paid version

I'm seeing the same on 0.48.8 (not sure if in previous version on this install).
It's not all questions. Filter and summarize are missing too. I think it only affect SQL questions.
The UI has changed for editing SQL questions - there's no a 'Explore Results' button that didn't appear before. It's there for new questions, but not old.