SQL JOINING query with two database

Hi, I want to get the sum of two query based on two different database in Metabase. Can anyone help on it?

Screenshot attached.

You can check that, first query shows 252158 and second query shows 16772 in result.

I want a single result in a single query, where answer should be 268,930. Can anyone help?

Hi @shaonyuvi
You would have to create a single database connection to a warehouse that can access data from both.
One of the most requested features, try searching the forum: https://discourse.metabase.com/search?q="https%3A%2F%2Fgithub.com%2Fmetabase%2Fmetabase%2Fissues%2F3953"

Hi, This should be solved in a single query. I forgot the function. You can recheck my post.

@shaonyuvi Yes, it's two different database connections. Metabase cannot make queries across database connections. Read all the posts I reference.

You are taking that I can't write query with this two database. But I think previously I did this.

Please check the screenshot.

@shaonyuvi You cannot makes queries across different databases connections.

Click this link and read what everyone else is posting: