SQL Server Invalid Object Name

Using Metabase on Centos connecting to SQL Server 2014

We randomly started getting SQL Server exceptions in the form of “Invalid object name ‘TableName’” where 100% the table exists. Some of these are our main invoice tables etc, there is no doubt that they are there. Our solution generally has been to add to the queries the full [DatabaseName].dbo.TableName which works sometimes, however you cannot use for field filter variables.

Any thoughts? The database name is setup in the connection and it is syncing every night. One minute the question will work, then refresh and the log shows the error. We have seen this on multiple Metabase versions, hoping installing the latest will have a fix.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @michaelgillum
Can you post the full stack error?
Since which version did you start seeing this problem? And is there a version, where everything worked?
I haven’t seen this error before, but doing an internet search on sql server jdbc "Invalid object name" returns a lot of results.
The MSSQL driver will be upgraded from 7.0.0 to 7.4.1 in Metabase 0.34.0, so maybe that’ll change/fix something.

Unfortunately I haven’t seen it since I posted this. To get around it we have been rebooting the server nightly, which I have since disabled to try to get the error to happen. It’s very sporadic so I’m hoping the lack of reboot will make it pop up again.