SQL Statement - Different Tables


Sorry for such elemental questions…
I’m a neofite.

Can you make a SQL Statement for two different tables?
IN the example below I made the query in the graphic interfase.
This brings me the information of 1 tamble named “cheques”
I have to get in the same query the information of another table called “egresos”

SELECT “dbo”.“Cheques”.“BeneficiarioPagador” AS “BeneficiarioPagador”, “dbo”.“Cheques”.“EsConciliado” AS “EsConciliado”, “dbo”.“Cheques”.“Fecha” AS “Fecha”, “dbo”.“Cheques”.“IdPoliza” AS “IdPoliza”
FROM “dbo”.“Cheques”
WHERE CAST(CAST(“dbo”.“Cheques”.“Fecha” AS date) AS datetime) BETWEEN CAST(CAST(dateadd(day, -30, getdate()) AS date) AS datetime)
AND CAST(CAST(dateadd(day, -1, getdate()) AS date) AS datetime)

What needs to be modified in the above sentence to make reference to “cheques” so I can then complement it with the “egresos” information" ?

I figured it out

I told you I was a neofite,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi @ahirschp
I guess you ended up with a LEFT JOIN or something similar?
Could you post your final solution, so others might learn from it?