SQL table URL: is it possible?

Hi there!
I have a dash and I want to provide to the user all the details behind this dash. These details are in the SQL table I create to generate the dash. Is it possible to put this SQL table in a link? How?
Thus, any user who has access to the dash will be able to access the metabase table generated in SQL (the same one that generated the dash).

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Hi @Helena
That’s not completely true. You can have a dashboard in one collection, but a sensitive question in a different collection, where you only allow certain people to access that collection.
I would recommend reading these two articles:

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Thank u, @flamber!
I just finished reading these articles and it helped a lot.
But I didn’t quite understand the concept of collection. In short, is it a way to group tables? thus being able to enable access to specific groups?

@Helena A collection is basically the same thing as a folder/directory on your computer. You can have different groups (of users), which might have permissions to various collections - some with read-only access, others with write/curate access and perhaps some groups are not allowed to even see some collections.

Right, and can a group have permissions to only a few itens of a table? For example, I have a table with a column with 3 different kinds of values and I want that group access only the registers filtered by one of these three kinds.

@Helena Okay, that’s very different question. Yes, it’s called Sandboxing in Metabase (row level access):

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