SSO with AzureAD

Hi Team,

Can Metabase SSO with AzureAD ?
We tried LDAP but we find out that LDAP could only use to AD which is on premise.

Is SAML the only way to do this?

Hi @Kenzo
The SAML implementation is the way of authenticating with AzureAD.

Thank you!

Also, could you tell me if the SAML is available on OSS tier? or it is only available on Pro tier and Enterprize tier?

We are now using OSS tier so we would be happy if we could use SAML in OSS tier.

@Kenzo SAML is only available on Pro/Enterprise:

Thank you!

Can we make transition to Pro tier from OSS which we are using?

@Kenzo Yes, it's fairly easy to switch between editions:

We are also wondering if there are Pro tier for OSS version.
From the pricing page of Metabase, We only find Pro tier for cloud version and On-Prem version.

There are 2 binaries (the actual file being executed), OSE and EE.
There are 4 plans, free (the OSE), then Starter (only Cloud) and Pro (Cloud/self-host) and Enterprise (Cloud/self-host).

I don't understand what you are looking for.
If you want the Pro, and want to self-host, then select Pro On-Prem.

For those two binaries, what does OSE and EE stands for? "Open Source Engine" or kind of thing like that?

@Kenzo Open Source Edition (versions starting with v0) and Enterprise Edition (versions starting with v1):

It's very simple. If you want to buy Pro, then go and buy it on and follow the instructions you receive, which will tell you to download the EE binary.

Thank you!

And one more question: If we choose using On-Prem, do we have to prepare infra infrastructure environment by ourselves, or Metabase would prepare the enviroment?

@Kenzo If you self-host, then you are responsible for your infrastructure.