Staging and Production Environments in Metabase Cloud

Hopefully this is the right channel to ask, but my organization is considering using the Metabase Cloud Pro plan for our analytics, but I'm trying to figure out how we would manage Production and Non-Production environments. It appears serialization is the standard way of replicating parts of an environment in another, but Cloud doesn't support it. Anyone use the Cloud service and can provide details on how we would be able to refresh Staging from Production before making / testing a change, and possibly even then pushing that change to Production? If there is documentation on this topic someone could point me to, I'd really appreciate it!

Hello Buddy,

This is Johnson from KBS Technologies, You're correct, Metabase Cloud doesn't currently support serialization for replicating environments.

We can use the 3rd party tools(Metabase Data Sync or Liquibase) to sync the data.

Also, use the API

  • Leverage the Metabase API to automate the export and import process. Write scripts or use tools that utilize the Metabase API to export metadata from Production and import it into Staging.


Coming very very soon

As of Metabase 49, Serialization is now available via API endpoints, which means that serialization is now available for plans on Metabase Cloud.