Start metabase using docker-compose

I want to run the metabase using docker-compose. The problem is I already have a docker-compose file that starts a bunch of other applications and I want to include this one as well.

This is the docker-compose file I already have:
This is the docker-compose that runs metabase and I have to include it on the above file I already have:

This is the tutorial I follow: medium. com/@martinahindura/how-to-setup-metabase-with-postgresql-and-docker-compose-bf4cc7e7f899

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Thank you.

Hi @John
There’s nothing at the links - they’re returning 404.
You can merge configuration by loading multiple files and showing configuration:

can you post the links again plss

@anonymous Did you check the blog, where the configs came from?

Here’s a project with a dockerized metabase instance using compose, postgres or mysql.