Still Waiting

what’s the problem?

Hi @hoho94
Without more information, it’s hard to tell. Perhaps your database connection is down?
Please post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.
And check the log in Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs

I’ve seen that during testing too. Seemed to be caused by database locks. Refresh normally fixes it, though the SQL could be modified to read dirty.

@AndrewMBaines Are you only seeing this on MSSQL or on other databases too? When it happens, do you see anything in the log? How many DB calls are there during the request?

It could happen with any database, I guess. If a record (page) is locked and you’ve not told the SQL to ignore locks, you’ll get a lock.

@AndrewMBaines I have a feeling that you’re talking about WITH(nolock)/READ UNCOMMITTED ? There was an issue open on this, but I’m scared of the problems it might cause if it’s not something implemented by the DBA on their side:

Hello I have the same problem, my metabase was working fine and yesterday when i try to see the dashboard say the message “Still waiting…”. any idea to resold that. mi version of metabase is 0.32.5.thanks

Upgrade to a newer version - latest release is 0.34.3
And check the Metabase log for more details, but it’s most likely caused by a slow connection to your database (or your database might be overloaded, so it’s slow to respond).