Strange filter behaviour

I have a simple dashboard with a range of filters.
The questions are just a sum of a field by category.
The underlying query has various values I want to filter on.

If a question is just sum(value) by category, the only field I can connect to the filters are the category.
If I change the summary to discount count(something), I can connect the filter to any of the underlying query values.

My workaround is to add a second summary and just hide it, but that's fiddly in a pie chart.
Another workaround I've just found is to add a filter by date on the question. (scrub that, not working now)

What's going on?

Hi @AndrewMBaines
Hmm.... that sounds quite strange. Kinda sounds vaguely related to

Can you include the question metadata, so it's possible to see its structure. Go to the URL /api/card/123, where 123 is the question ID.

And also include "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.

It gets weirder. Tried again this morning. Can't get it to break. If it happens again, I'll pull out all the information.
Comparing to the other issue, I've not used any custom fields. However, there was an odd problem that when I was trying to make it work by adding a 2nd measure, sometimes the measure would appear two or 3 times and would then cause a query error.
I'm working on it again this afternoon, I'll let you know how I get on.

@AndrewMBaines Ahh, that sounds like, but the query doesn't fail, it just creates multiple legends. I'm quite sure there's something messing up the actual metadata of the query, so it is most likely a frontend error that causes the mess, but I would need to see the metadata.