Subtitles for Charts (for index)

Can we have a chart subtitles in the dashboard?

For an example today we index every chart we do, this helps us talk with users on which chart they need help
in this example is "CARD-02"

Even though it is useful this makes the name of the chart harder to read

What I would like it kind of "tag" the chart? like Jira has the categories you can put on a card for an example

Bear in mind this is only an example, It could be below the title as well :slight_smile:

Do we currently have this? Or is something that would need a development?

Have you checked descriptions?

I think I do not have access to edit descriptions here, but would it make the user have to click the visual to check the description?

In a dashboard with multiple visual would it be displayed in every visual? like this example

I tested here, the user have to click in the visual, and in the more information button to see the description

For my users it would be the same as just not having it :joy: