Success Engineer at Metabase

We're looking for Success Engineers at Metabase to help our users figure out how to get data from all the various places it lives, transform it into useful shapes, or to convert their questions into actual queries that can be executed.

Being a Success Engineer at Metabase would be a great fit for you if you:

  • Enjoy helping people and solving their problems
  • Have a strong technical background (minimum of 1-2 years writing production code or administering systems)
  • Have experience with using data visualization or data analytics tools (bonus if you have experience using Metabase)

We are looking for someone who has expertise in one or more of the following:

  • Strong SQL knowledge
  • Strong background in networking and how web applications function
  • AWS or other cloud providers
  • Running Metabase (or other JVM applications) on a variety of operating systems
  • Back-end and/or front-end development

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Hi, is this position still available? Thank you.

Yes, we are still hiring for this role (and many others!) You can find all of our open positions at:

Hi, what's interview process and how many rounds for this role(Success Engineer)? What should we expect for the technical assessment part? Thanks in advance.