SumIf causes an error (no supertype)

When I use the SumIf custom expression in a question, it triggers an error ("There is no supertype for types Decimal(12, 3), Float64 because some of them have no lossless conversion to Decimal...") due to the following implementation:

sum(CASE WHEN db.table.field= 1 THENdb.table.value ELSE 0.0 END)

Basically, if I replace 0.0 with just 0, it works but I don't want to do it manually (that's the whole point of using Metabase). The field "value" has Decimal type, which is why it won't work correctly with 0.0 which is Float64 (at least in Clickhouse). How do I fix this?

Please post diagnostic info

Dear devs, just replace "else 0.0 end" with "else 0 end" for the sumIf function, that will fix the issue, thanks!

Yes! I am facing the same issue. Please replace the 0.0 with 0