Summarize simple question on native question only when granted unrestricted access to question's db


Consider this use case:

Main database with no synced table, the questions will be native ones shared through collections.

Data: All users, no access
Collections: All users, no access

We create a native query and grant collection access to the group that the user is assigned.

At this point the user cannot ask question and that’s fine.

So to enable user asking question we register a dummy database with no table on it
and grant all users Unrestricted Access to it.

Now the user, that had access to the collection through it’s group have the ability to execute it, because he has ask question privilege.

The problem is he cannot summarize the question he has access to, and that is a big limitation.

To unlock the summarize option I have to give unrestricted access to the underlying database to the user. I know that in my case that is not harmfull because I have no table registered on this database’s data model, but what I’m trying to prevent is if in the future someone sync the database I would have a data leak.

So that was intended : Summarize a native query trough a simple question requires unrestricted access to the database ?


Geraldo Lopes de Souza

Hi @geraldodev
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