Support for Cassandra?


I’ve recently learnt about Metabase and I really like it. When will Cassandra be supported?


We don’t have a firm timeline for new drivers. In general, we ask that people who are interested in a specific database open an issue and let us know how immediate their need for the driver is.
Our list of such issues is at"database+support"

Could you open an issue and talk a bit about the kinds of questions/queries you’re interested in running?

We don’t have a firm timeline for now, but we’ll get to it around 1st or 2nd quarter of 2016. I specifically am only interested in the SQL query code editor support for Cassandra since I generally just use that for most of my queries. Can’t really qualify exactly what queries we will execute but it could almost be anything.

Sounds reasonable. Like I mentioned before, we generally build out drivers in response to demand on our issue tracker. Q1 looks unlikely unless there’s a sudden spike in requests for it.

Cool. Wanted to share my wishlist. Will let you know when we absolutely need this.

Cassandra is a NoSQL Column family implementation supporting the Big Table data model using the architectural aspects introduced by Amazon Dynamo. Some of the strong points of Cassandra are:

  • Highly scalable and highly available with no single point of failure
  • NoSQL column family implementation
  • Very high write throughput and good read throughput
  • SQL-like query language (since 0.8) and support search through secondary indexes
  • Tunable consistency and support for replication
  • Flexible schema

These positive points make it easy to recommend Cassandra, but it is crucial for a developer to delve into the details and tricky points of Cassandra to grasp the intricacies of this program.

Cassandra stores data according to the column family data model

Source: ibm