Support persisted models in our driver

Hi all!
I saw that PR #21109 introduced driver features :persist-models and :persist-models-enabled. Are there any specific changes required to the driver (Exasol in my case) or is it enough to just add both features to driver/database-supports??

Thanks for your answer!

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Hi @kaklakariada
If Exasol follows a fairly normal SQL syntax (, then it might be enough, but if it requires something different, then you'll need to override some of those functions.

Hi @flamber,
Great, thank you!
Do you have integration tests that execute these queries against the target database (e.g. Exasol)?

@kaklakariada There's tests, yes,
They should be executed, just like other tests, when certain features are enabled for a driver.

@flamber Thank you, I should have expected that :slight_smile:
So I just need to activate the feature and run the tests :wink: