Surprise login requirement


Installed and ran open-source metabase from the terminal, apparently without creating a metabase login..
How? the only login details I have are user name and password for the queried database.

Now, I am trying to access my reports, and am, for the first time, required to enter login details, but I am now required to enter metabase user credentials, which I don't recall ever using, and which my password manager (keychain) doesn't have trace off.
I am locked out of my research :slightly_frowning_face:

What to do?...

If you have access to the app db then get the email you used and reset its password . You have created one or otherwise Metabase doesn’t work

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Thanks for this, Luigi.
I do not think I have access to it, or even to have accessed it in the past (since I launched everything from the CLI)