Switching from H2 to Postgresql non-pro installation

I installed Cloudron to import Metabase into my Linodes.com volume.
I assigned the Metabase application (the latest) to my domain without a problem.

Before doing all this I had read about Metabase's preference for storing the Metabase metadata into a postgresql db, so I installed that in my domain's volume in my Linodes account, getting ready to install Metabase.

However, on browser steps to setup my new Metabase instance after it installed, it very clearly only asked for the databaase connection to My Data Source. When I made that connection to a mysql server at another hosting site then it began importing the table I wanted to pull my data from.

But since Metabase made no provisions in the setup for providing the connection to my posgresql database waiting for my Metabase installation I must assume it has been running and saving my current work sessions for Dashboards and Questions, etc in the H2 default.

How can I now connect my Metabase application running at my domain to my postgresql database?
And import my H2 data "seamlessly" into my postgresql db?

So that I can re-open Metabase as the Admin and it retrieves my latest Dashboard, etc, meta from the postgresql. Likewise using the postgresql to save all Metabase operations by default.

The FAQ's , Tutorials, Forum questions are difficult themselves to filter down to the latest, clearest information for exactly this operation.

Thank You Greatly!


Is this still up to date?

Hi @ThunderPoet
Yes, the documentation is updated: https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/installation-and-operation/migrating-from-h2
But you have chosen to use Cloudron to do some of your setup, so I cannot tell which steps you have done or not done.
The setup of the application database is not done in the browser, it's done during the setup with environment variables: https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/installation-and-operation/configuring-application-database

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