Sync for Athena

I'm currently using Metabase 0.43.0 and Athena driver 1.3.1
It's working well on connecting to Athena databases and the graphs look good. However, we've seen lots of queries running in Athena all the day. Since some of the tables are pretty large, it scans lots of data and costs a lot.
We've changed sync schedule to daily and turn off the filter value scan, but still seeing all the kinds of queries like following:
-- Metabase SELECT "alb_logs"."vsubmit"."target_status_code_list" AS "target_status_code_list" FROM "alb_logs"."vsubmit" GROUP BY "alb_logs"."vsubmit"."target_status_code_list" ORDER BY "alb_logs"."vsubmit"."target_status_code_list" ASC LIMIT 5000

Any idea what we can do to stop these automatic queries?

Hi @ken_zhu
You are seeing this issue: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
Go to Admin > Data Model and change the filtering type for your fields, so they are not trying to show a dropdown list.

Can we make that change for application database table on Metabase UI?
We have lots of table that's showing such queries so might be easier to make that change. Seems not able to see the application database on UI now.

@ken_zhu If you went to the issue, then you would have seen the alternative workaround for many:

If you have a lot of tables/fields, then it might be easier to make the change in the application database.
Go to the application database table metabase_field and change the column has_field_values to none or search

Unfortunately not being able to view the schema in application database so cannot take that alternative now, but will keep trying.
Would it be reasonable to completely disable this when the "Never, I'll do this manually if I need to" is selected? We might considering making a uber jar file on this.

@ken_zhu That's what issue 16101/16102 is also for.

Then is there a plan to actually make this change? Or we have to disable those field updates by our own (either from the workaround or make a customized uber jar file)?

@ken_zhu The plan is that the global setting should apply everywhere.
I have already provided you with two workarounds. If you think it is easier to build your own version of Metabase, then you can do that.

Yeah we're planning to build own version; that workaround on many tables doesn't work for us as we 're having some issue accessing application database.
Would that be included in some future release that those queries would never be triggered when we select the "Never, I'll do this manually if I need to" on field update? My expectation is that we don't need to take those workarounds to completely shut down those unnecessary queries.

@ken_zhu There's 2000 other issues. It will get fixed, but I cannot give you a timeline.