Sync of JSON converts unixEpoch to integer instead of bigint

I am running Metabase (v0.43.4) with data storage in PostgreSQL and data source in PostgreSQL. When I try to access some tables from 'Browse Data' option, I get "ERROR: value "1588258700058" is out of range for type integer".

The issue appeared after upgrading from 0.42.4 and most probably is related to

JSON contains
{"id": 21565, "time": 1587460708414, "accuracy": 13.347000122070312, "altitude": 622.2999877929688, "latitude": 42.6753054}

"time" is cast in the Data Model/Original Schema as "type/Integer"

Hi @anikolov
You're seeing this issue:
You can disable JSON unfolding in Admin > Databases > (your-db) > Show advanced options > disable "Unfold JSON columns", click Save, then "Sync database schema now".

Hi @flamber

Thanks for the thread and the tip. I was thinking of an alternative workaround to temporarily disable column visibility for this particular field.

@anikolov That's a workaround as well. You can do that in Admin > Data Model.