Sync semantic type from Postgres?

Is it possible to sync the semantic type from postgres, like we can column descriptions?

Hi @ChrisH
The semantic type is not the same as the column type in your database. Not sure what you are trying to do.

But if you create a table in the database called _metabase_metadata, then you can control it from there. For reference: metabase/metabase_metadata.clj at master · metabase/metabase · GitHub

Or use the API to update the information.

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That sounds like it will work just fine. You've jumped ahead and and given me the answer to the next step in the puzzle as well, which is "how do I use dbt to put the data in postgres so Metabase can get it?"
It looks like I can use dbt to create the _metabase_metadata table which will give me the ability to manage that config as code - exactly what I need.


@ChrisH If you're using DBT, GitHub - gouline/dbt-metabase: Model synchronization from dbt to Metabase may also be useful to you. I'm using it, author has been helpful in fixing issues and accepting my pull requests.

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Thanks @will.b! That looks like just what I need!