Syntax [[{{}}]] - No working in text Embeding


I wanted to discuss an issue I've encountered with the Metabase dashboard when using the conditional [[{{}}]] syntax in text components. It appears that this syntax does not function as expected when the dashboard component is incorporated into other locations.

To clarify, I'm using the [[{{variable}}]] syntax to conditionally display content based on user input within a text component on the dashboard. However, this conditional content fails to display correctly when the dashboard is embedded or used in a different context outside of its original setup.

I suspect there might be limitations or specific settings required for this syntax to work correctly in embedded dashboards or when moved to different environments. I am looking into this issue further, but any insights or suggestions you might have would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Can you share some easy replication steps maybe using the Sample Database as well as an exmaple

Sure, let's go!

Imagine a dashboard that has a filter that is a personalized list (item1,item2,item3) this filter is called a cell, ok? Now inside the dashboard we have text (card text) as follows in .md which is like this

Item is: [[{{cell}}]]

This works perfectly on the dashboard, the value will only be visible if the cell filter has a value selected. However, when I embed this dashboard in an application this does not happen, that is, [[{{cell}}]] does not receive the value of the selected item in cell

Now i understand! I actually opened this as a bug some time ago:

Make sure to thumbs up the issue so it gets more uptake

That's right!

You managed to translate the error well. Historically, they haven't made any changes to this, correct?

Yep correct! Issue is still there