Table failing to load properly on page reload

Initially, the table is like this

After reloading the page, the table is shown like this

Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
If you're not using the latest release, then try upgrading first:

I'm working on the latest version v0.41.0 @flamber

@Anum Latest version is 0.41.1:

How about you simply just post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting every single time you create a new topic, so I don't have to constantly ask for it?

But you are posting screenshots from two different places. First is a question, second is a card on a dashboard.
Try resetting visualization settings on the dashboard of the card by hovering > Visualization options > Reset to defaults.

Restting the visualization setting did not help.
Can we run a prepare statement on metabase. I have a written a query that pivots the table following this tutorial

If you are having major trouble with this, you can use the pivot table feature that Metabase provides. It works seemingly well for me.


@Anum You are not providing enough information to reproduce the problem. Metabase supports advanced Pivot Tables since 0.38:

The pivot option is working well in the question. but when i embedd this card in the dashboard, it fails to load properly

@Anum You're more than welcome to open an issue with enough details for other people to reproduce: