Table - query_queryexecution is 7gig in size

IS there anyway to archive data from query_queryexecution so that it’s size doesn’t keep ballooning? Or can this execution history be disabled?


how many rows are in it?

we’re going to start summarizing + rotating those. we use query timings all over the place and are going to be using the history for a host of other features. you can delete anything older than say 2 weeks without any major harm, though it might mean some of our “smarter” features start acting stupid in some situations.


We have 4897543 rows at present…and growing.

Seems to be excessive, but it’s a busy/popular tool.

Cheers Joe.

that should still not add up to 7 gigs =/

what application db are you on?

It’s on a Mysql, innodb engine, row_format=compact.

It was migrated from H2 to MySql.

The count is now 4906272

FYI I opened an issue for this at

Discussing causes + fixes there.

And this is still an issue.
The ‘query’ table can grow out of proportion with no mainstream way to manage it.

Hi @CharlesB
Yes, and issue 4155 is still open. You can truncate the table or run a nightly script to maintain more fine grained control.
Which version of Metabase? And are you using Postgres or MySQL for metadata?

Metabase v0.31.2 (in kubernetes) with Postgres.