Table report with Dynamic Pagination

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Database: Mongo DB
Report Type: Table

Query : table report with Dynamic/Server-side Pagination

As per the guidance, i had implemented table type of report successfully. since amount of data got increased, now a days report is not loading and getting error "There was a problem displaying this chart." like this.

As per my understanding, metabase fetching all the relevant records from Database in the beginning state, using that data-source client-side pagination has been implemented.

Due to huge number of records one time data fetching is getting fail, to avoid that am expecting the server-side pagination or some other solution.

Please help me to resolve this issue at the earliest.

Getting the error in prod region, so need help in urgent basis.

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Please post diagnostic info

Any response on this? Server-side pagination is a must!

We never got the version the user was in, if you can give us more info I would be very happy so I can check with the devs what we should do here

This seems to be any version. I'm running 1.47 and I am displaying a question as a table on my dashboard. Since the pagination is client-side rather than server-side, the table loads very slowly.