Tables cannot be sorted by columns?

It seems that, from some update (maybe >=0.33 ?) the tables cannot be sorted anymore by clicking on the header label of the column. There are some options I miss?
The tables are the result of SQL queries (I use only this option on Metabase).

Thank you


Hi @marciuz
You have never been able to sort columns in Native (SQL) questions. That needs to be done in the query.
Or am I misunderstanding your issue?

No, no, the issue is exaclty this.
You’re right, my memory is a swiss cheese :slight_smile: …in any case, I used to write directly in SQL and can be really important to have the opportunity to sort the data by clicking on the columns of the tables. Of course I can add an “ORDER BY” in my queries, but as all the client, this isn’t a good reason to do not have the columns sort.

Has this feature been already suggested?


p.s. I changed the category of the thread as “Feature requests”

How should Metabase add/modify/remove the sorting of columns in a free-text query?
Also, what if the query contains sub-selects and other advanced queries, what should be changed there?
Note that the syntax of the query depends on whatever database/driver you are querying.

The workaround is to use Saved Questions, so the users never mess around with queries, but just use the interface.
There are several caveats with Saved Questions, but in this specific case, I think it would work great.

Another workaround is to show the SQL question on a dashboard, since it allows client-side sorting on dashboards.

Just for references, if you’re interested reading more about why it’s difficult to implement:

Also, feature requests and bug reports are on Github. This forum is for questions, troubleshooting and anything else :slight_smile:

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