Tell me about your environment

Of the people who are using Metabase in a live environment rather than just testing/prodding, what are you using?

Operating System?
Database for metabase?
LDAP/google or just built-in authentication?
Source database? How many?

Just interested.
I’m running Windows Server 2016 with MySQL connecting to MS SQL Server, but all in test at the moment.

Great initiative!

I’m running the Docker image (for testing on Win10, and production on Ubuntu) with the native H2 as Docker volume mount (but proper backups in place). Use LDAP with Active Directory - no Slack - yet. Source database is Redshift

  1. .jar version of metabase using the default H2 database running on a Ubuntu 16.04 VM.
  2. LDAP login linked up with our AD.
  3. No slack…yet, maybe someday.
  4. Linked to 3 MongoDB servers I admin.

Metabase is a lifesaver for anyone running MongoDB needing some sort of BI setup. I tested a ton of connectors for Power BI and Tableau integration and never found one that works as well as Metabase.

I think we are almost there:

  1. RHEL 7 with .jar served via nodejs
  2. MariaDB/MySQL for Metabase, connecting to MS SQL/Oracle and ETLs from iSeries DB2 inbound.
  3. No authentication at the moment, we use device IP during our proof of concept
  4. I’m a little ignorant on the topic, but what are some use cases for Slack? Pulses?
  1. .jar hosted behind IIS/Windows on a Azure App Service
  2. Azure hosted Postgres for Metabase, Druid as source database (have connected to Mongo as well, but not in use currently)
  3. Build in Auth + IP restrictions (built in feature in Azure App Services)
  4. Have experimented with slack, but dont use it at the moment.
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We use Metabase in Production since few months.
Operating System = LINUX
Database = MYSQL
Authentication = LDAP
Pulse = SLACK or Mail
6 source databases = MYSQL and MSSQL

18 Dashboards
8 users
+100 questions (based on Metabase UI or Native SQL Query)