The 2023 Metabase Community State of Data Stack Report

A look at the current state of data tooling and self-service analytics.

Earlier this year, we released an anonymous data stack survey, through social channels and email, to find out more about data tooling and its impact on different company sizes and roles.

The survey was available to anyone but, out of the 189 responses we received, 89% were Metabase customers.

While we can’t say our insights are a statistically significant representation of data folks everywhere because of the small sample size, the results have a few things you may want to know, like how one specific database could be worse for your team’s morale... Keep reading to find out more.

Windows 10
Latest version of Edge (Version 119.0.2151.97)

Using MS Edge browser, when I view the "BI Tools" tab/page of the report, all of the visualizations on the page are jiggling. The jiggling stops if I maximize the browser window. I'm on a 2560x1440 display. Jiggling seems to start when browser window is about half the display horizontally (1280x1440).

Also tested in Chrome and there is no jiggling at any Chrome window size. Tested Edge in "Private" mode and jiggling is still present, so probably not an extension.

Didn't see this issue on any of the other tabs.