The app keeps going back to the home page whenever I try to load the dashboard

Hi Metabase,

I’m running into a frustrating problem with the dashboard. I put together quite a comprehensive one yesterday, but soon after it began throwing me back to the home page of the app whenever I clicked on the dashboard link on the right sidebar.

It sometimes works for a while when I quit and relaunch the app (the pattern seems arbitrary). But soon after I get stuck again.

  1. Open the app
  2. Click on either my dashboard link on the “Recently viewed” sidebar, or choose it from the top dropdown menu.
  3. I see the dashboard beginning to load, but about half way through, the screen goes white with the large metabase loading icon in the middle, and I’m back on the home page.

I’m on OS X 10.11.6, running Metabase My Chrome version is 55.0.2883.35 beta (64-bit), Safari 9.1.3 and Firefox 47.0.

I’m pretty blown away by this app! Please let me know any other information you need to help me fix it :slight_smile:



Hi, Elise! Sorry for the delayed reply. Are you still experiencing this problem? What kind of database are you using with Metabase?

I have the same issue :rolling_eyes:
I use an MySQL db
But it does work after I click on the back button

Hmm, sorry to hear that! Would you mind please opening a new GitHub issue with any more details you can provide? (E.g., which version of the Metabase Mac app you’re using, which version of Mac OS, etc.)

Did that: issues 3950