The Connection was refused, when incorporating!

Hi All,

When activating public sharing, the link works normally in the browser, but in the application where the panel was embedded, the message appears: “The connection to servermetabase was refused”. can anybody help me? Why does it happen?

Obs.: This only occurs in the Google Chrome browser.

  • servermetabase - Metabase server

Operating System: Windows Server 2012
Metabase Version: 0.34.3

Hi @Lourival
Latest release is 0.35.4
Please post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.
Are you using http or https ?
Since it’s only happening in Chrome, then it’s either an extension or security setting that is causing this.
Check you browser developer console for more information.

Ok @flamber…thank you!

@Lourival It would probably be helpful for others if you just wrote a small note on what the problem was and what you did to fix it. Pagar adiantado :wink: