the data dictionary of metabase

Excuse me, how to get the data dictionary of metabase database (postgres)

Hi @jianbo
What do you mean by “data dictionary”?

This is the case, I use postgres to store metabase information. However, I don’t know the correspondence between the various tables of postgres and the metabase function modules.
At the same time, I don’t know the meaning of each field in a table in the postgres database.
I am not a full-time programmer, but I still want to know the table structure information of the metabase storage database.

Okay, when you migrated from H2 to Postgres, then it should have migrated table/column comments too. There’s not comments for every table/column, but the most used ones should have comments. For the rest, you would have to look at the code to find corresponding functionality.
The tables that contains all your questions, dashboards and visualizations are in report_*