The default date of the date filter


Set the default date of the date filter to be the today, not the current date of the user.

My current time here is 00:30:00 on April 16, 2019, and the default date of the date filter is the data of April 15th.


What’s the timezones of the server/container, database, reporting and the user?


Is the filter’s default date obtained in the US time zone?


“Current: Day” aka “Today”, which is used in Field Filters, sends the value thisday to Metabase, which is converted into a query and send to the database.

So that comes down to which database you use. You can check what query is actually being created by looking in the browser console under Network-tab, where you will see POST-requests to Metabase and you can click those requests to see details in the Response-tab.

Your problem is most likely that your database is using GMT+0 aka UTC aka Zulu as timezone.