The following errors occurred during database migration

H2 to mariadb

Hi @zsk
Which version of Metabase? Which version of MariaDB?
It’s failing on the first change set, which is replaced by other change sets, so that’s a little strange.
Is it the same error that you see in the MariaDB log or is there more info there?

mariaDB version:5.5.56-MariaDB
metabase version : 0.32.8
I didn’t see the same log in MariaDB

@zsk Metabase 0.32 officially supports MariaDB 10.2+ and MySQL 5.7+, while it might be possible to use earlier versions, you might need to make various adjustments to the database or driver for it to work.

EDIT: Okay, but you did see the some error in the MariaDB log, right?

What do I need to configure? I didn’t see the same error in MariDB

@zsk Do you see any errors in the MariaDB log? I have no idea if 5.5 is going to work, haven’t used that version for 8 years or so. I would suggest upgrading, since it’s only until 2020.

I want to balance the load of multiple metabase instances through nginx. Do I have to migrate the H2 database to Mysql or MariaDB?

@zsk Yes, you do exactly what you tried - just have to use a newer database version.
EDIT: There’s currently only three supported metadata databases: H2, Postgres and MariaDB/MySQL. But H2 is a single-file database, which creates a file lock, so it can only be used by a single process at the time.