The New "Dropdown" Filters and the Old "Category" filters look different

The "Dropdown" filters that were introduced in .42 look different from the old "Category" filter, while they have basically the same functionality.

In the image below the left filter was created before v.42 and the filter on the right after v.42:
Shouldn't they look the same? I prefer the new look though.

Hi @King_Edward
It's based on the connected filter - so I'm guessing that Supplier is referencing an Entity Key, whereas Product Group is a Category field type in Admin > Data Model.
There are a couple of cases, where old filter widgets will behave slightly different than if they were re-created on 42, simply just because all the filter changes.

Both fields are set as 'Category' in the data model.
My point is that creating a Category filter in v.41 would look like the image on the left, while creating a "Drop down" filter in v.42 (which is basically the same as the old 'Category' filter) would look different (image on the right).

@King_Edward Ohh, I get it. It's the type which is stored differently. There are still some work to be done on filters, so they become more user friendly to add, but also the look needs a little bit of polishing.