The paramters in the shared dashboard link can not save exactly

I made a dashboard share link with three paramters( begintime\ endtime\ city), just like this

The original url is

I want to share this link with three default value(‘2019-1-1’, ‘2019-11-1’, ‘city’) to my colleagues.

I was thought change the url like this

But it seems all paramters combine into an array for every paramter, not three independent parameters.

Is there any help to share this link with three independent parameter values?

Hi @aliks
There’s currently a bug with non-ASCII filter names - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
I think the only workaround is to add some unique a-z / 0-9 before/after the filter name. So if your filter is called 類型 , then you would name it 類型:1 - if you have another filter, then name it ...:2

Yeah, I added a postfix with an number, it works now!
Thank you very much for you help.