Time data type is displayed not correct

We have an issue displaying time SQL Server datatype in Metabase which displayed not correct.

The time date type which was in UTC displayed as time -/+ UTC difference from local time zone
which require 2 * +/- the difference between local time zone and UTC.

Time: 2:00 UTC in database
Openning Metabase from Egypt (UTC+2) displaying the time: 12:00 which is not correct
it should be either diplayed as 2:00 UTC or 4:00 (UTC+2 / Egypt Time).

Metabase version v0.42.1 - Built on 2022-02-17

Hi, first of all, upgrade Metabase to the latest version as it contains a lot of timezone fixes.

Also, send diagnostic info and the data type of the field you want to switch the timezone from