Time on X Axis

I am trying to create a chart that shows today’s values for a specific metric that is updated once every 5 minutes. I want the x-axis for the chart to be the time (without the date, since the chart is already scoped to today). Each metric update includes a ‘timestamp with time zone’ column called ‘time’ giving the time of the update. If I try to create a graph of the metric vs. time, the x-axis labels include the date + time. As a result, only two labels fit on the graph for the whole day. Is there a way to get the x-axis to only include the time, not the full date? I do not want to use ‘Group By’ -> Hour, since I want all of the values for the metric to show up on the chart, not just the hourly average.

Hi @starman
Are you using Metabase 0.31.2 ?
You can take advantage of date/time formatting via the Data-tab via Visualization :gear:
Have a look at this section of the documentation - if you get stuck, then reply back, but please try to include a screenshot, since it helps a lot when helping with graphical issues.

I am using Metabase 0.31.2.

I took a look at the date/time formatting options, but there doesn’t seem to be an option to do what I want. I wish there was an option that would let me select, “Show the Date” - OFF, which would allow me to only show the time on the x-axis. However, there is only an option to turn the time off. I’ve uploaded a screenshot so you can see what the chart looks like in the dashboard right now.


Okay, now I understand it better.

Currently Metabase cannot figure out how to handle 288 points on the x-axis, so it tends to hide the ticks instead for just showing a few. I’m pretty sure I saw an open bug about this.

So I’ve been trying to play around with some queries, but they more or less end up similar or worse than what you got.

Just leaving this for reference: