Timeline with annotations for context?

Hi! Does Metabase offer a way to display annotations alongside a time series? Here's what I mean: Ideally, I would capture a list of "events" as its own dataset. For example:

2020-01-01,"Launched home page redesign"
2020-02-02,"Integrated single sign on"
2020-03-03,"Remarketing campaign kicks off"
2020-04-04,"Zoom fatigue kicking in"

Then, say I have a bunch of time series showing website traffic and other events. I'd like to display this data set along the same time axis, to provide context. So if I see a huge spike or drop in usage, say, I could start to explain it from the annotations.

I already found these posts, but they are asking about adding annotations directly on the charts:

That's not exactly what I have in mind. In Tableau, I could manually add annotations onto charts (but it was clunky and not reusable). I'm looking to have a data-driven source for annotations, so I can keep a running log of potentially related external events.

At the moment, my idea is to create a dashboard and just have side-by-side charts with the same time scale... but that's a bit clunky.

Hi @smurray
Currently no. There are a couple of issues open - no timeline yet. Currently I would guess that such functionality might arrive in the Enterprise Edition.

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Wow, thanks! That "release log" concept is exactly what I'm looking for. I've voted for it!